Wanna get free Yeezy?
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1st Option

We will give you a free pair if you bring us 6 buyers. You will receive one per 6 friends you gain for us :)

2nd Option

If you think you can't get 6 buyers we have also an option for you!

We will give you a 17 % discount per buyer brought to us :)

3rd Option

If you are like the bussines type of guy we also have the perfect option for you!

We have sales comissions!

We will give you a 12 % comission per buyer who buys thanks to you! :)

If you are interested on working with us, just ask for it! You can combine the 3 different options

Send us a message to our Instagram account (@jimyeezy), or an email, if you prefer it.

We will be happy to colaborate with you. This is a good way to get free yeezys and create good relationships.