We send items via AIRMAIL (FREE SHIPPING).

Usually needs 15 - 22 Working days arrived! 

We send to the European countries and to the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Japan,  Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Perú, Russia, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Normally shipping does not need to pay taxes when our buyers receive the packages. But there are some unlucky days where it is necessary to pay them. As a company we can't afford paying them, we pay our sending taxes but not the receiving ones, as any other company. We all like lucky days but if there is not, buyers have to be agree on paying receiving taxes to the shipping company if they want to get the packages. Customs stop random packages and customers must pay these expenses.


3 -7 Days.

European Union (Not Spain), the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland


5 -13 Days.

New Zealand